The Final Walkthrough after Selling Your Property

House Interior

Final walkthrough is not considered as a home inspection. This is also not the time for sellers to have some repairs. This is mainly an inspection that is performed for about five days to ensure that the property is in its good condition.

As for the final walkthrough, it must be arranged with your real estate agent or realtor. The goal is to ensure that the house is still in its good condition prior to the last visit. This is to guarantee that the agreed repairs are met as part of the contract. Even the terms are considered and fully met.

On the other hand, it may depend on the local customs or contract that the walkthrough is made to be formal or informal. In such a formal arrangement, there is a need to sign for a contract that confirms you have already completed the final walkthrough.

Tips to Prepare

As for the final walkthrough after selling your property, here are some of the tips to prepare:

  • There is a need to eliminate the mess inside your house. Minor imperfections may rattle them during the final walkthrough. Old coat hangers, waste papers and boxes that are scattered around must be eliminated.
  • Apart from it, take the time to remove the pictures and cover for nail holes. The spackling compound should be applied by the use of your finger. Wipe it clean with the use of a moist sponge. It is best to touch it up by matching the wall paint.
  • The condition of the home should not be damaged as sellers have moved out. The scrapes should be eliminated on the wood floors and the damage must be inspected on the baseboards and walls. Even the broken fixtures should be fixed immediately. It is important to inspect the overall system from the bottom to top.
  • Even the appliances must be checked as part of the contract agreed on. The appliances should be checked properly, if they are still functioning. Also, take the time to check the water dispenser and icemaker in the freezer or refrigerator. The garbage disposer and stove should also work.
  • Also, check if the heater still works, filters and the lights. The pool should also be operated and the irrigation system must be checked. If there is already a timer, tinker it to make sure that it is still functioning.
  • The majority of deals for real estate are required to be “broom swept”. This only means that the home must be left free and clean because it will soon be a part of the possessions of the buyer. Although it may not be cleaned thoroughly, an extensive cleaning is required that as a seller, you must hire for someone that handles the cleaning.

What to expect from you realtor?

Since each home is mainly different, planning to sell it should also be different. The realtor must provide for its professional opinion about the justification and the list of price. Apart from it, he should also offer for professional help, especially in the staging services. He will also give recommendations and suggestions.

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